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By Purchasing a Beat Lease License on DUPID.CO, You (“User”) acknowledge and agree to the following Music Licensing Terms & Conditions, and Website Terms of Use:


For ease of reference: All licensable DUPID songs, instrumentals, masters and musical compositions will be referred to in this document as “BEAT” or “BEATS”.  DUPID will be referred to as “DUPID”.  As a User, purchasing a DUPID Beat Lease License grants you the follow uses and rights:

Non-Exclusive Use of BEAT(s) for ONE commercial use or broadcast with distribution of 2000 units or less. 

  • Authorized Uses covered by the lease license include: Albums, Mixtapes, Showcases, Live Performances,Artist Demos or Internet Background Music or Youtube/Vimeo Videos.
  • If a project using one of our BEATS sells, downloads or distributes 2000 or more units or you plan to use one of our BEATS one more than One (1) project, DUPID requires you to purchase additional exclusive licensing (see below

24 Hour Digital Delivery: All BEAT(s) are delivered via email within 24 Hours of Beat Lease Purchase. Certain factors may delay your delivery such as:

  • E-Check Payments: E-Checks can take 3-5 days to clear, and sometimes as much as 2 weeks. Another reason for delays is email addresses.
  • Email Address: If your primary email address and your PayPal email address are different, please include your preferred email in your order information. BEATs are ALWAYS emailed to the address provided.

Untagged Version of the BEAT(s): ALL BEAT(s) are delivered without the DUPID PROMO Sound tags which repeat throughout the Online Demo BEAT.  In addition, ALL BEAT Leases come with ONE Standard Sound Tag at the beginning of the BEAT, which does not repeat. This single Tag is not removed.


Purchasing a DUPID Beat Lease License DOES NOT GRANT the following uses or rights:

  • SYNC RightsFor authorized use of BEAT(s) in Music Video, Film, TV and Advertising projects, you must purchase an additional BEAT SYNC License for full Film/TV/Video Synchronization Licensing and Rights.  Artists, labels, film or media companies that are interested RETAINING SYNC Rights for a project, Contact DUPID at
  • Beat Copyright: A DUPID Beat Lease License gives you the authorized permission to use our BEATS for one commercial music project. It is specifically understood and agreed that you DO NOT acquire any rights to the BEAT(s). DUPID retains all rights, title and interest in the BEAT(s) master, including all copyrights belonging to an original copyright holder. DUPID reserves the right to sell, advertise, promote or solicit additional licenses for identical BEAT(s) to other clients at any time.
  • Resale Rights:  With the purchase of a LEASE LICENSE, the musical composition and BEAT remains the property of DUPID. DUPID BEAT(s) may not be resold and DUPID licenses are non-transferable. You DO NOT have the authority to sell, loan, rent, lease, license, assign or transfer any portion of the BEAT(s) or rights granted in this license, whether in whole or part, to any other party. Period.


Other DUPID Licensing Options include:

PROMO BEATS: Occasionally, DUPID will offer Tagged Demo Versions of BEATS through PROMO LICENSING and/or “FREE DOWNLOADS”. All PROMO BEATS are meant for demonstration, auditioning and listening purposes only. PROMO BEATS are not authorized for use in: Mixtapes, Videos (for Advertising, Worldstar Hip Hop, Youtube, Vimeo, etc), Performances, Radio Play, Promotion or other physical or digital public uses of the BEAT(s). Any reported use of PROMO BEATS in this manner, will result in digital takedown actions and fees wherever the violation is distributed.

EXCLUSIVE LICENSES: Exclusive BEAT Licenses are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please email to inquire about Exclusive Licensing Options and Pricing.

TV/SYNC/ADVERTISING LICENSES: TV / SYNC Licenses are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please email to inquire about Film/TV/Ad Synchronization Licensing Options and Pricing.

PRODUCTION CREDIT: All distributed versions and copies of recordings, videos or projects containing the BEAT(s) are required to display the following Production Credit and MP3 ID-Tag credit: “Produced by DUPID.CO


SAMPLE RECOGNITION: The BEAT is defined in this license as the original, non-sampled portion of the musical composition. It is important that you recognize DUPID DOES NOT claim copyright or responsibility for any SAMPLE that may be added or aligned with BEAT after DUPID digital delivery. It is YOUR responsibility for legally clearing and authorizing the use of the SAMPLE prior to the release, sale or performance of any recording or project containing the SAMPLE or the BEAT. You agree to indemnify and hold DUPID harmless from all loss, liability, damages and expenses by unauthorized release, sale or performance of any copyrighted material.

NO RESALE OR REDISTRIBUTION:  All DUPID Beat Licenses expressly FORBID resale or redistribution of DUPID musical compositions, either as they exist OR any modification thereof.  You are not authorized to sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, or transfer all OR any portion of the beats or products sold through DUPID.CO or other DUPID digital or social media properties to any other entities. Period. 

UNAUTHORIZED USE: Any unauthorized uses or distributions outside of the rights granted in this DUPID Beat License will only result in immediate revocation of your Beat Lease License, take down notices, copyright infringement fines and possible confinement.  A single violation of federal copyright laws can cost you a $30,000.00 fine.

  • Any unauthorized distribution, use, sale of the BEAT or RECORD containing the BEAT shall be deemed material upon visual confirmation by DUPID.
  • Any notices of digital beat delivery or licensing breach shall be deemed delivered when DUPID sends the notification email.


These DUPID Licensing Terms & Conditions shall be binding upon purchase of a DUPID Lease License and/or download of BEAT(s), as it is reasonably assumed that you have read the DUPID Terms and Licensing Conditions prior to purchase or download.


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Last updated: November 2015


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