Buying Beats from DUPID

1) Listen and Choose Your Beats. Add to Cart.

Select Your Beats from the Beat Grid or from the Individual Pages to Demo, Listen and Select your beats. After you make your choices, simply (a) Click the “+” Button on the bottom right of the beat image in the Beat Grid…. or (b) Select “Add To Cart” on the individual Beat Page.

2) Buy your Beat Lease License.

You can buy a lease license for any authentic DUPID Beat on DUPID.CO or via the DUPID Soundclick Page (using direct Paypal options). Your authorized debit/credit card is all you need to complete your purchase. After adding your beats to your cart, Select “Checkout” to begin the purchase procedure. For Online Beat Lease Licenses, DUPID accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card. Email buy@dupid.co if you need any additional assistance.

3) Get Your Beats in Less Than 24 Hours.

After approval and completing the purchase process, you will receive an email confirmation with more information about your Beat License purchase. At that point, you will either (1) also receive a “direct download” link for your Beats … OR.. (2) your Beats will be emailed to your Customer Email Address in less than 24 hours.

For Beat Lease Licenses, DUPID accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card and in some cases…. Google Checkout.  Email buy@dupid.co for Google Checkout or additional payment details if needed.

You will still be able to preview “SOLD” beats for a limited time. But, any beat which has “(SOLD)” in its name or shows an icon which indicates “SOLD” is no longer available for lease licensing and will be removed from the website in 4-6 weeks.

Using Beats After Buying a Beat License

Yes, of course. lol  Actually, It’s to your benefit to let us know whenever you create a project/song/video using DUPID Beats.  As a registered DUPID user, you are eligible to submit your project for a potential FEATURE on DUPID.CO.  Send LINKS to your BEST Material using DUPID to feature@dupid.co

Send us LINKS to your BEST material using DUPID Beats to feature@dupid.coIf your song is chosen to be featured on DUPID.CO, we will send you an email notification including your scheduled feature date and feature link.

We are excited to have you working with DUPID and we look forward to receiving all of your material using Beats from DUPID.CO. Though we may not initially respond to all feature submissions, we do receive and file all of your feature submissions for review and we will contact you as soon as we can with feedback.

All of the beats posted on DUPID.CO, BooKooBeats.com or the DUPID networks and social media profiles are original and do not contain samples. Thus, they are fully copyright protected and ready to be licensed by legally purchasing a “lease” and/or obtaining a licensing agreement through DUPID.CO via BooKoo Music (ASCAP).

DUPID.CO and all DUPID Networks & Social Media profiles contain musical compositions and sound files which are copyrighted by DUPID.CO / BooKoo Beats / BooKoo Music (ASCAP) and protected under Section 106 of the Copyright Act of 1976 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If you intend to use ANY of the DUPID beats and musical compositions, you must legally purchase a “lease” or obtain a licensing agreement from DUPID.CO via BooKoo Music (ASCAP).

Beat Delivery

DUPID.CO offers 24 Hour Digital Beat Delivery. All BEATs are delivered via email within 24 Hours of Beat Lease Purchase.

If by chance you have not received your beat email within this allotted time, please be sure to contact us at buy@dupid.co … before taking any other action. We are always here working to make sure you receive your beats in a professional and timely manner.

Please be sure that you (1) Check your SPAM box, (2) Remove any unnecessary mail that may waste space and cause attachments to be rejected and… (3) Request a Download Link if an attachment via email is not working at buy@dupid.co.

**Please Note: Other factors that may delay your digital beat delivery include:

  • E-Check Payments: E-Checks can take 3-5 days to clear, and sometimes as much as 2 weeks.
  • Email Address Doesn’t Match: If your primary email address and your PayPal email address are different, please include your preferred email in your beat order information. BEATs are ALWAYS emailed to the address provided.

Beat Licensing and Rights

Purchasing a DUPID Beat Lease License grants you the Non-Exclusive Use of BEAT(s) for ONE commercial use or broadcast with distribution of 2500 units or less. 

Authorized Uses covered by the lease license include: Albums, Mixtapes, Showcases, Live Performances, Artist Demos or Internet Background Music or Youtube/Vimeo Videos.

If a project using one of our BEATS sells, downloads or distributes 2500 or more units, your project is distributed or/synced with Video for Television/Movies/Advertising… or you plan to use one of our BEATS one more than One (1) project, DUPID requires you contact: buy@dupid.co to purchase additional licensing in order to legally extend the terms of this agreement.

**PLEASE NOTE:  A DUPID Beat Lease License gives you the authorized permission to use our BEATS for one commercial music project. DUPID retains all rights, title and interest in the BEAT(s) master, including all copyrights belonging to an original copyright holder. DUPID reserves the right to sell, advertise, promote or solicit additional licenses for identical BEAT(s) to other clients at any time.

For authorized use of BEAT(s) in Music Video, Film, TV and Advertising projects, you must purchase an additional BEAT SYNC License for full Film/TV/Video Synchronization Licensing and Rights.  Artists, labels, film or media companies that are interested RETAINING SYNC Rights for a project, Contact DUPID at buy@dupid.co

No. You are strictly prohibited from reselling or transferring the lease licensing rights or the beat itself. With the purchase of a DUPID Lease License, the musical composition and sound recording remains the property of DUPID.CO. Any DUPID BEAT(s) may not be resold and DUPID licenses are non-transferable. You DO NOT have the authority to sell, loan, rent, lease, license, assign or transfer any portion of the BEAT(s) or rights granted in this license, whether in whole or part, to any other party. Period.

Currently… Exclusive BEAT Licenses are approved and sold on a case-by-case basis only. Please email buy@dupid.co to inquire about Exclusive Licensing Options and Pricing.

A DUPID Lease License grants you limited rights to use and record over a beat for One (1) Commercial Use at a maximum of 2500 distributed units.  A Lease License can be sold to more that one person at the same time until exclusive rights have been sold to the beat. An Exclusive Beat License is only sold to ONE USER and grants the exclusive right to record and distribute unlimited projects containing the Beat.

Currently… TV / SYNC & ADVERTISING Licenses are approved and sold on a case-by-case basis only. Please email buy@dupid.co to inquire about Film/TV/Ad Synchronization Licensing Options and Pricing.



Other Production and Licensing Options

Sorry, we don’t offer FREE BEATS.  But.. we do, at times, offer FREE DOWNLOADS & PROMO BEATS that are meant for Beat demonstration and listening purposes only.

**Please Note: All FREE DOWNLOADS remain the sole property of DUPID.CO and are not licensed or allowed for any commercial use at all. All FREE DOWNLOADS and PROMO BEATS will always remain tagged with the DUPID Vocal Credit/Tag.

Customized Beats and Custom Music Production Projects are approved and produced on case-by-case basis. Please email buy@dupid.co to inquire about custom Music Production Services, Sessions and Rates.

Additional Info & Policies