More Updates Coming Soon…

We’re Revamping and Updating the BOOKOO BEATS Site for 2010…..

New Beats and Instrumentals Coming Soon

More Beats and Updates coming soon… Stay Tuned.

We’ve been in the lab working and producing rap beats for with Houston Texas artists, J. Jonah, 16 Barz (BlakJac, Runna & S-Type), C.Y…along with New Orleans rapper, Sleep and Atlanta rappers, Da Get-It-On Joneses, G.I.G. and Klone Boyz.

Wait until you hear this new song featuring the Get-It-On Joneses called…Stay.Real.Trill.  Stay Tuned!

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  • Dope

  • Samantha & Demi.

    Hello , are names are Samantha and Demi we are looking for a producer in Nebraska can you help us out or you could be please reply thanks so much !